2020 Sportif Overseas Clinics

Exciting locations for windsurfing coaching clinics are bookable now through Sportif:

  • Costa Teguise, Lanzarote 16 – 23 March 2020

Adventurous intermediates and advanced: flat water, choppy water and swell

  • Alacati, Turkey 30 June – 7 July 2020

Intermediates and advanced: flat water

Weymouth Coaching Weekends

Weymouth coaching clinics offer a great chance to get away to the coast in a safe, flat, windy location with a high level of service from the team at The Official Test Centre (OTC). It’s all about friendly, supported, social windsurfing in a maximum group size of 6. The level is intermediate to early-advanced and is suitable for:

  • Shared experiences – enjoying our sport with others
  • Regular windsurfers
  • Occasional windsurfers
  • Those who want some professional guidance after periods of self-learning
  • Those who want to get their season off to a positive start
  • Those who want to try a new location
  • Those who are looking at getting back into the sport after time away
  • Advanced windsurfers who, despite using smaller freewave boards on the coast, would benefit from re-focusing on basics such as improved tacking, non-planing gybing, heli-tacks and other essentials to generally up the game
  • Advanced windsurfers who would like the opportunity to obtain GoPro 7 Black stills or footage of them windsurfing at full-speed from a mast/boom-mounted Flymount, K4 Harness Mount or a head-mount on Simon who can track closely from behind for a unique look at the action!

These clinics will only run when forecasts of suitable conditions are confirmed during the few days before (no one wants to turn up for zero wind or gales).

2020 Saturday/Sunday Clinics

  • 18/19 April
  • 6/7 June
  • 25/26 July
  • 26/27 September
  • 28/29 November

2020 Monday/Tuesday Clinics

  • 20/21 April
  • 8/9 June
  • 27/28 July
  • 28/29 September
  • 30 November/1 December

Booking and pricing

The cost is:

  • £210 per 2-day clinic including 2 days of unlimited kit hire
  • £105 per 2-day clinic using all your own kit

As soon as a piece of OTC kit is used then the kit hire day rate is payable. Both clinics can be booked for a 4-day back-to-back Saturday-Tuesday getaway.

Candidates arrange their own transport and accommodation. Please book accommodation that can be cancelled without penalty as the weekends will not run in unsuitable conditions such stormy or windless weather. Popular choices are RYA Portland House, YHA Portland, Hotel Aqua, Portland Lodge, Heights Hotel, Weymouth Camping and Caravanning Park, local B+Bs or Airbnb. A decision will usually be made either way on the Wednesday before. A social meal will be arranged locally for the first night for those who wish to participate (Saturday for weekend clinics and Monday for Monday/Tuesday clinics). This will usually be at The Boat That Rocks restaurant in Portland Marina but may be elsewhere.

Please book by sending a message through the CONTACT page of this website.


Reserve 2020 kit now! Starboard and Severne windsurfing kit regularly comes up for sale to make way early for the new stuff. It is all well-loved so is typically in excellent used condition. This kit is in high demand and sells quickly so why not forward-plan – as many do – and reserve it well-ahead of its sale?

Current/near-future items for sale are:

  • Starboard GT Foil, 85 carbon mast, FW800, RW330, alu fuselage 75, SB foil bag (2017) excellent condition yet 330 front wing has a couple of mm sanded off each tip £995 – [available now]
  • Severne Blueline Boom 160-220 29mm SDM (2017) excellent condition £125– [reserve now for end Nov 2019]

Future items for sale – reserve now for August-October 2020:

  • 4.0 Severne Blade black/white (2020)
  • 4.7 Severne Blade blue/blue (2020)
  • 5.3 Severne Blade black/white (2020)
  • 6.0 Severne Gator (2020) [expression of interest taken]
  • 7.0 Severne TurboGT blue (2020)
  • 8.1 Severne Turbo GT red (2020) [expression of interest taken]
  • Severne 370 Gorilla G2 RDM mast (2020)
  • Severne 400 Gorilla G2 RDM mast (2020)
  • Severne 430 Gorilla G2 RDM mast (2020) [expression of interest taken]
  • Severne 460 Blue RDM mast (2019)
  • Severne Enigma Wave 150-200 carbon boom 25mm RDM (2020) [expression of interest taken]
  • Severne Enigma Race 180-230 carbon boom 30mm SDM (2020) [expression of interest taken]
  • Starboard Kode 85 flax balsa (2020)
  • Starboard Kode 105 flax balsa (2020)
  • Starboard Futura 117 flax balsa <foil-ready> (2020) [expression of interest taken]
  • Starboard Foil 150 flax balsa (2020)
  • Starboard custom foil (2020): 95 carbon mast, FW1100, FW1100, RW330, RW225, alu fuselage 95, SB team bag L