Windsurfing UK (WSUK)

Simon has published 18 articles for Windsurfing UK magazine. The articles are aimed to provide specific guidance on the fundamentals of windsurfing and and written in a varied and entertaining way featuring great photography from the likes of Alex Irwin (Sportography), Andy Stallman, Protography, Mikael Linder (Into Fire and Water), Two Goat Media and Simon himself. A number of articles feature original artwork from Pete Galvin.

Click here to see the articles as FREE PDFs. The subjects covered are:

  1. A Basic Look at How Windsurfing Works
  2. Planing Made Simple
  3. Non-planing Steering
  4. Planing Steering
  5. These Girls Can! Emerging Female Role Models in Windsurfing
  6. The Basics of Coastal Windsurfing Part 1
  7. The Basics of Coastal Windsurfing Part 2
  8. Windsurfing Equipment & Essentials: Taking the Right Stuff
  9. Kit Setup and Tuning Fundamentals Part 1: Rigging, Downhaul, Outhaul, Boom Height, Mastfoot Position
  10. Kit Setup and Tuning Fundamentals Part 2: Footstraps
  11. Mixing It Up: The Cookie Interview
  12. Kit Setup and Tuning Fundamentals Part 3: Fins
  13. Kit Setup and Tuning Fundamentals Part 4: Harnesses and Harness Lines
  14. Windsurfing Photography Part 1: The Selfie
  15. Costa Teguise Lanzarote: The Perfect Playground
  16. Windsurfing Photography Part 2: DSLR Basics
  17. Windsurfing Photography Part 3: Editing
  18. Masts - Everything You Need to Know

RYA Wavelength

Simon has written many articles for RYA Wavelength magazine which aim to guide and inspire RYA Dinghy Instructors towards delivering tuition with improved proficiency. Click on the articles to learn more about teaching, amongst other things, picking up a mooring, coming alongside, MOB, sailing backwards, balance, stopping, reefing afloat, follow the leader and sailing backwards.


Stand Up  Paddle Mag UK (SUPM)

Occasionally Simon jumps on a SUP and heads off for a cheeky adventure and publishes the story in SUPM (WSUK's sister magazine). The articles below are free to download and include the first ever paddle from Spanish Point to North Rock in Bermuda and a Croatian adventure in the Paklencia National Park. Click here to subscribe to SUPM.