Reading List

Here is Simon’s recommended reading list related to teaching, coaching, learning and performance. Simon references these works during instructor training and talks.

  • Bounce: Matthew Syed
    • Outstanding and accessible introduction to success in sport
    • Ex-british number 1 table tennis player debunks the myth of talent
    • Champions the power of purposeful practice
    • Shows how 10,000 hours or 10 years of purposeful and dedicated practice are required to be world-class
  • The Art of Resilience (strategies for an unbreakable mind and body): Ross Edgley
    • Brilliantly written book about The Great British Swim where Ross swam 1780 miles around the UK coastline in 157 days
    • Discusses resilience, stoicism, strength and stamina
    • Advocates controlling the controllables and accepting the uncontrollables
  • Mindset: Dr Carol S. Dweck
    • The seminal guide to discovering the mindset for achieving success
    • Encourages growth mindsets over fixed mindsets
    • Explains why spending time learning is better than spending time ‘proving you are smart’
    • Unlocks success, failure, change and growth

  • Practice Perfect (42 rules for getting better at getting better): Doug Lemnov, Erica Woolway & Katie Yezzi
    • 3 educational experts show how practice makes ‘permanent’, not ‘perfect’
    • Describes how practice should be designed and how we should focus on solutions, not problems
    • Shows how aiming at creative goals is better than remaining in a comfort zone
  • Black Box Thinking (the surprising truth about success): Matthew Syed
    • Inspiring book showing how significant learning and progress can be derived from failure
    • Highlights differences in attitudes and responses to failure in medicine and the airline industry
    • Illuminates how failure drives innovation and gains in performance
  • #NOW (the surprising truth about the power of now): Dr Max McKeown
    • How to nurture a nowist mindset
    • Shows how there is little need to get every smallest part worked out: ‘computations may know the sums of everything and the meaning of nothing’
    • Highlights how you can only directly think, do or change anything at the point of now
    • References Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, a theory of psychological motivation
    • Suggests how feeling confident and powerful makes you more likely to take positive action

  • The Chimp Paradox: Prof Steve Peters
    • Explains how your limbic brain (‘Chimp’) interprets info with feelings and impressions, then uses emotional thinking to put things together and form a plan of action
    • Compares this to your human (frontal brain) and how it interprets info searching for facts and establishing truths then uses logical thinking to put things together and form a plan of action
    • The Chimp (like a voice in your head) can draw on your valuable energy resources by drawing you into negativity, anger, disappointment, anxiety and failure
    • It can also give you a chance to succeed by positively interpreting failure
  • The Natural Health Service (what the great outdoors can do for your mind): Isabel Hardman
    • A warm and clear look at how being outdoors and participating in outdoor pursuits can be good for general and mental health and provide useful benefits against anxiety and depression
    • Champions the restorative power of the great outdoors including being in and around water

2022 Weymouth Clinics

Windsurfing clinics in Portland Harbour at The Official Test Centre (OTC) run from April-November.

2022 Saturday/Sunday Clinics (for availability see homepage)

  • 1st/2nd October
  • 26th/27th November

2022 Monday/Tuesday Clinics (for availability see homepage)

  • 3rd/4th October
  • 28/29 November

Booking and pricing

Online booking is coming soon. The 2022 cost is:

  • £150 per 2-day clinic using all your own kit, payable at the time of booking. 1-day clinics are not available
  • £75 per day for unlimited kit hire, if required, payable directly to The OTC on the day

As soon as a piece of OTC kit is used then the day rate for kit hire is payable (with the exception of a large volume board for light wind technique – where necessary – which can be hired for only £10 per day).

Multiple clinics can be booked for a 4-day back-to-back getaway.

Click here to send a message to book a place. More information can be found here.

Let’s get you on the water to help you to be the very best you can!

Masts Article WSUK

A big article all about windsurfing masts! Click the image to access the free 12-page PDF. Click here to check out WSUK.

2022 Coaching Dates

2023 dates coming soon! To book a windsurfing clinic in Lanzarote, Sotavento or Prasonisi please call Sportif on 01273 844919. To book a UK windsurfing clinic in Weymouth or a 1:1/1:2 at Queen Mary (for windsurf, windfoil, WINGsurf or WINGfoil) – or to ask a question – please contact Simon directly by web message.

[Click on the poster to see a full-res PDF.]