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Simon Winkley First Aid Training is based in Surrey and, as a RYA Recognised Training Centre (RTC), specialises in the delivery of the RYA First Aid course. This course can either be arranged at the main operating base - Queen Mary Sailing Club (Surrey, SW London - click for location) - or brought to your sailing club/watersports centre.

Simon delivers many courses for suitably recognised RYA Training Centres using their own recognition. These are often in London and the South East yet can be in other areas including at overseas RTCs.

To see Simon Winkley First Aid Training as a current RTC on the RYA website click here or (on the RYA logo) and then enter TW15 1UA.

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RYA First Aid 1-day Courses in 2023.

  • Saturday 21 January 2023: Queen Mary Sailing Club
  • Saturday 18 Feb 2023: Reading Sailing Club*
  • Thursday 23 February 2023: Queen Mary Sailing Club (Sailability)*
  • Saturday 4 March 2023: Bury Lake Young Mariners
  • Saturday 8 April 2023: Queen Mary Sailing Club
  • Sunday 30 April 2023: Bury Lake Young Mariners
  • Saturday 8 July 2023: Bury Lake Young Mariners
  • Saturday 15 July 2023: Queen Mary Sailing Club
  • Saturday 7 October 2023: Queen Mary Sailing Club

Booking for Queen Mary Sailing Club

Booking for Bury Lake Young Mariners

*to enquire about spaces on these courses please send a message

Cleanliness of Equipment

Candidates are provided with a pack of items and a manikin for their sole use on the course. Prior to each course manikins are deep-cleaned and fitted with a brand new lung and the items in the pack are replaced/cleaned as appropriate. All reasonable and responsible measures will be made to provide safe and effective life-saving first aid training.

About the course

Simon's first aid courses incorporate presentations, short films, demonstrations, discussions, role-play scenarios and hands-on student practice to nurture confidence. With engaging examples of real situations from watersports and the outdoors the courses aim to be stimulating and enjoyable. Participants should take away the clear and positive message that the role of the first aider is simple yet rewarding with great benefits for those injured or suddenly taken ill.

The operating base is Queen Mary Sailing Club (with the option to bring the course to your club/centre as detailed above). The duration of the course is 8 hours and can be delivered in either one full day or two shorter days. The maximum instructor-to-student ratio is 1:12.

The cost of the course is £95 per person. RYA First Aid books are included for each candidate as well as the RYA certificate (upon successful completion of the course). Please get in touch for group rates or for the cost of Simon delivering this course at your own suitably recognised RYA Training Centre.


Resources include:

  • An easy-to-access sailing club with modern facilities and ample free parking on site
  • Professional audio-visual equipment
  • 1 CPR manikin per person (plus additional instructor demo manikins including adult, child and baby), AED Trainer, Epipen trainers, kneeling mats, fleece blankets and a wide variety of dressings and general first aid supplies
  • A RYA First Aid book for each candidate
  • Equipment and training for those interested in adding the endorsement for the use of CAT-C medical kits