Overseas Windsurfing Clinics

Prasonisi Clinic (WIND 10-17 September & WING 17-24 September) - BOOKING NOW

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Overseas clinics offer the chance to get away for a great holiday whilst improving your windsurfing skills in warm water with the best prospect of constant planing winds. There will be a mixed group of windsurfers looking to up their game whilst having a great time on and off the water and the level will be intermediate to advanced. That means no beginners or hotshot aerial freestylers. That means a focus on real-world core skills which could include any of the following:

  • planing, harness, footstraps, improved speed control
  • going down a board size or trying out different kit
  • beach starts & water starts (including variants)
  • fun, non-planing freestyle to help with the more advanced moves
  • faster tacks and carving tacks
  • heli-tacks
  • non-planing gybes
  • carve gybes
  • variants on planing gybes like ducks or slams
  • chop hops/jumps
  • getting into the lumpier stuff and riding the swells (Lanzarote)
  • upwind/downwind 360s
  • body drags

Kit setup and tuning are always included to help you get the most from your time afloat.

These weeks are ideal for regular windsurfers, occasional windsurfers or those who have been away from the sport for a while and want to be guided right back into the heart of it whilst feeling confident and well-supported on the latest equipment.

“Simon has total empathy for wherever you are in your windsurfing journey and has a very bespoke style of coaching which is tailored to each individual...essentially he just gets you! From massive wow moments to minuscule individual tips that you will carry forever in your windsurfing head - his coaching holidays and clinics are highly addictive!!! He is a very entertaining and lovely guy on and off the water and always puts the student first.” M Gorman, 5 Coaching Weeks and numerous UK coaching sessions

Over a hundred clients have taken an overseas windsurfing clinic with Simon in the last few years in Vassiliki, Langebaan, Costa Teguise, Alaçati and Prasonisi. They took their skills forward and had a lot of fun at the same time. Why not join an increasing number of people who have had the best experience improving their technique in warmer waters and regular wind against the backdrop of a great social scene? Bookings are made through Sportif

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Exciting locations for windsurfing / wingfoil coaching clinics are bookable now through Sportif (call):

Future Windsurfing Clinics - get in touch to register your interest

  • Alacati, Turkey, 29 June - 6 July 2022

Intermediates and advanced: flat water

  • Prasonisi, Rhodes, Greece, 10-17 September 2022

Intermediates and advanced: flat water, chop (plus some access to the wave side for those of advanced ability)

  • Costa Teguise, Lanzarote, March or May 2023: send a message

Adventurous intermediates and advanced, mixed conditions: flat water, choppy water, swell and a possibility of waves. Click here for a published article about windsurfing in Costa Teguise

2022 Wingfoiling Clinic - get in touch to register your interest

  • Prasonisi, Rhodes, Greece, 17-24 September 2022

Beginners and early-intermediate WINGfoilers: flat water, chop