Stand Up  Paddle Mag UK (SUPM)

Occasionally Simon jumps on a SUP and heads off for a cheeky adventure and publishes the story in SUPM (WSUK's sister magazine). The articles below are free to download and include the first ever SUP paddle from Spanish Point to North Rock in Bermuda and a Croatian adventure in the Paklencia National Park. Click here to subscribe to SUPM.



Paddling the Bora: A Croatian Journey

Read about a solo 2-day paddling trip - in the stunning Paklencia National Park in Zadar County Croatia - from the iconic 16th Century Večka Tower to "as far south as is is possible to go by water, then back again..." Experience what it was like to paddle under the famous Maslenica Bridge whilst making a rendezvous with a drone photographer who, perched high up on the top of the gorge could not be seen. Meet the mysterious Mr. Putrić and read about paddling 26km upwind against the Force 7-8 winds brought by the unexpected early arrival of the Bora...  Photos thanks to Claire Edmead and Lee Crump of CE Photo. Click here to subscribe to SUPM.

Downwind to North Rock: Bermuda Bump Running

Read about the first ever SUP paddle from Spanish Point to North Rock in Bermuda - which sits on the northern limit of a huge extinct volcano that became inactive around 33 million years ago. The downwind paddle over the caldera saw "turtles surfacing from time to time, flapping briefly before plunging like stones at the sense of our approach." The history of the place is blended into the narrative together with the story of getting there via 6 flights, including an 8-seater from Tortola to Puerto Rico with the Starboard iSUP stored under the hood. Photos thanks to Chris Brown. Click here to subscribe to SUPM.