Weymouth Coaching Clinics

Weymouth coaching clinics offer a great chance to get away to the coast in a safe, flat, windy location with a high level of service from the team at The Official Test Centre (OTC). It’s all about friendly, supported, social windsurfing in a maximum group size of 6. The level is intermediate to early-advanced and is suitable for:

  • Intermediate and advanced windsurfers from beach-starters to gybers and chop hoppers!
  • Shared experiences - enjoying our sport with others
  • Regular windsurfers who have long-term goals
  • Occasional windsurfers wanting to refresh their skills
  • Those who want some professional guidance after periods of self-learning
  • Those who want to get their season off to a positive start
  • Windsurfers who want to try a new location
  • Those who are looking at getting back into the sport after time away
  • Advanced windsurfers who, despite using smaller freewave boards on the coast, would benefit from re-focusing on basics such as improved tacking, non-planing gybing, heli-tacks and other essentials to generally up the game
  • Advanced windsurfers who would like the opportunity (subject to wind conditions) to obtain GoPro Hero9 Black stills or footage of them windsurfing at full-speed from a mast or boom-mounted Flymount, K4 Harness Mount or a head-mount on Simon who can track closely from behind for a unique look at the action!

The coaching is pitched at the level of each participant and thus avoids being formulaic. So you can turn up time and time again to keep discovering new and refreshing tips and ideas. It's all about small gains: absorbing bite-sized pieces of advice to keep your skill set moving forwards. It's also about having a lot of fun.

These clinics will run in almost all conditions as non-planing exercises can be used to prepare and train for planing conditions. To avoid the risk of turning up to find a major storm, for example, a confirmation will be made during the week before that the clinics will run and the decision will be based upon weather forecasting.

If courses are fully booked then please put your name forward for the reserve list in case of a cancellation.

2021 Saturday/Sunday Clinics

  • 24/25 April 2021 [fully booked]
  • 22/23 May 2021 [fully booked]
  • 19/20 June 2021 [fully booked]
  • 25/26 September 2021 [fully booked]
  • 27/28 November 2021 [fully booked]

2021 Monday/Tuesday Clinics

  • 26/27 April 2021 [fully booked]
  • 24 May 2021 - Monday only [fully booked]
  • 21/22 June 2021 [fully booked]
  • 27/28 September 2021 [2 places left due to cancellations]
  • 29/30 November 2021 [4 places left]

Booking and pricing

The cost is:

  • £240 per 2-day clinic including 2 days of unlimited kit hire
  • £120 per 2-day clinic using all your own kit

As soon as a piece of OTC kit is used then the kit hire day rate is payable. Multiple clinics can be booked for a 4-day back-to-back getaway.

Where to stay

Candidates arrange their own transport and accommodation. Please book accommodation that can be cancelled without penalty as the clinics are less likely to run in unsuitable conditions such as storms.

Options include Hotel Aqua, RYA Portland House, YHA Portland, Portland Lodge, Heights Hotel, Weymouth Camping and Caravanning Park, local B+Bs or Airbnb. Social meals will be arranged locally for those who wish to participate. This will typically be at The Boat That Rocks restaurant in Portland Marina but may be elsewhere.

Hotel Aqua, Portland

Although not a requirement of the clinic, some participants like to stay in the Hotel Aqua in Portland. It is very close to the OTC (4 mins drive or 17 mins walk), is run by a friendly and helpful team, is always clean and welcoming and is very good value so it is perfect for the clinic. All windsurfing clinic clients are entitled to a 10% booking discount off the price which is already, on average, £10 cheaper per night than booking.com or Expedia. To make a booking just follow these steps:

  1. Go to www.hotelaqua.co.uk or click here
  2. Click the 'Check Availability' button
  3. Choose your dates and room type
  4. Click the 'Reserve' button
  5. After entering your info on the 'Contact Details' page, add a note in the 'Special Requests' box at the bottom of the page to say that you are requesting a 10% discount as you are either taking part in the Simon Winkley windsurfing clinic or that you are with Maria Gorman (Maria is a regular on both the clinics and at the Aqua!)
  6. Once your booking is confirmed, payment will not be taken until you check out. When you do check out, the Aqua website price at the time of booking (less the special 10% discount) is payable

How to book a Weymouth Clinic

Please book by sending a message through the CONTACT page of this website. Personalised vouchers can be purchased for gifting. If you have enjoyed a Weymouth clinic then why not experience the pleasure of an overseas clinic?