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As part of our marine services from our base at Queen Mary Sailing Club (QMSC) we supply marine hardwear, ropes, essentials, accessories and trailer parts and can fit any part to any boat. Goods (from stock or to order) are available for collection most days from the QMSC office as we are not a physical shop. Whilst we are unable to offer mail order services, parts may be able to be shipped within the UK on request.


Viewing stock and buying online is coming soon. In the meantime please complete the form here to let us know exactly what you require and we will get it sorted for you.

Dinghy brands supplied:

We supply marine hardware and parts from:

  • Marlow ropes

  • Harken

  • Holt

  • Allen

  • Wichard

  • Seasure

  • RS Sailing

  • ILCA – original and class-legal parts

  • Laser – original parts

  • South East Sailboats (selected parts only)

  • USS Tefgel

  • Gorilla

  • Zhik (toestraps only)

Dinghy parts supplied:

  • Ropes, bobbles/rope stoppers

  • A4/316 stainless fixings

  • Monel rivets

  • Blocks, cleats, fairleads, lacing eyes, sheave boxes

  • Burgees

  • Rigging packs

  • Tillers, tiller extensions, UJs

  • ILCA wear protection

  • ILCA self bailers and springs

  • All ILCA/LASER parts

  • ALL RS Sailing parts

  • Toe straps (Zhik & Gorilla)

  • Dinghy covers, spar/foil bags (Gorilla)

Trailer & trolley parts supplied:

  • Hubs, bearings and hub caps

  • Wheels (with factory-fitted tyres)

  • Mudguards and reflectors

  • Couplings

  • Breakaway cables

  • Stub axles

  • Bolts, studs, washers, pins

  • Trolley lugs, jockey wheels

  • Launching trolley wheels, inner tubes

  • Launching trolley washers, R-clips, split pins and lynch pins

  • Coupling and wheel locks, ratchet straps

  • LED lighting boards, number plate mounting brackets

  • Any other accessories

Other premium goods supplied:

  • Starboard/Freewing wing boards, foils and wings (new and used)

  • Starboard & Severne windsurfing kit (used only)

  • Forward WIP impact vests and helmets

  • Flymount – action cam mounts

  • K4 windsurf fins and accessories

  • Bollé eyewear

  • Marlow Ropes

  • Chinook rig winches

  • Wera stainless Torx 30 screwdrivers (for windfoils and wingfoils)

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