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Terms and conditions (events)

Simon Winkley Marine: terms and conditions for events (valid from 1 January 2024)


  1. An event may be defined as a course, lesson, clinic, session or private tuition booking

  2. Event fees are due in full either at the time of online booking or as per the invoice payment terms

  3. Simon Winkley Marine (SWM) reserves the right to vary event details, dates and times as necessary

  4. For events at clubs and centres, general safety cover is provided and the sailing areas will be observed at intervals when clients are on the water

  5. Photos and/or video footage may be taken during the event by authorised persons for the purposes of coaching, promotion, advertising or publicity. The copyright rests with such authorised persons. Photos and/or video footage can be supplied to participating clients, a service for which a charge may be made. Opting out of photography/video is done by informing the instructor on the day of the event


Client responsibilities

  1. When booking, up-to-date contact information and a medical/water-confidence declaration and must be satisfactorily completed. This information is required prior to the start of the event. The client is expected to log into their SWM account to update any such details as they change)

  2. All clients should wear their own suitable footwear both on and off the water

  3. Clients should provide their own wetsuit, footwear, harness (where necessary) and other personal clothing, appropriate for the season. Enquiries about hiring an item of personal gear should be made at the time of booking. For hygiene and practical purposes, footwear is not available to hire

  4. Wingsurfing, wingfoiling and windfoiling events require helmets and personal floatation devices/impact jackets to be worn (regardless of personal levels of ability) and these will be supplied within the event cost

  5. Windsurfing events for under-18s require personal floatation devices to be worn, even though the client may be wearing a harness. Windsurfing events for over-18s require either a personal floatation device or a harness to be worn (the client may choose to wear both)

  6. Sailing events require personal floatation devices to be worn

  7. All clients and anyone accompanying them must adhere to any local safety rules, guidance given, bye-laws and/or codes of conduct

Equipment and insurance

  1. SWM instructors reserve the right to assess the ability of each client before allocating equipment

  2. Clients are expected to treat the equipment with care and to follow the guidance of the instructor

  3. Club/centre equipment: usage and damage will be subject to local terms and conditions

  4. SWM equipment (including all wingsurf/wingfoil kit): damage is covered by SWM, with the exception of when equipment has not been treated with care and/or the guidance of the instructor has not been followed

  5. Clients’ own equipment: usage is at own risk and it must be safe, appropriate, seaworthy and suitably insured. SWM will not accept any liability for damage or loss to clients’ equipment howsoever caused

  6. SWM holds suitable liability insurance. Personal insurance is the responsibility of the client. Clients may wish to consider obtaining personal insurance for any events to cover missing the event, cancellation or curtailment of the event, personal injury, accident, damage to (or loss of) personal equipment/valuables or any other occurrence either caused by the client or beyond their control



  1. SWM reserves the right to cancel the event if the minimum number of clients has not been reached, if the conditions are unsuitable or for any other reason. In this case either: a) the booking will be rescheduled or transferred to an alternative event; b) the fee paid will be held in credit; or c) a full refund will be made

  2. All cancellations must be confirmed in writing to

  3. Client cancellation terms are as follows:

    1. Cancellation more than 14 days before the start of the event: 100% refund

    2. Cancellation between 7 and 14 days before the start of the event: 50% refund

    3. Cancellation less than 7 days before the start of the event (or missing all or part of it): 0% refund

    4. Transferring the booking to an alternative event (where agreed): £25 (+VAT) administration fee

Terms and conditions (boats/boards)

Simon Winkley Marine: conditions and limitations for boat/board repairs/servicing (valid from 1 Jan 2024)

  1. All work is guaranteed for 12 months from completion. The guarantee cannot be upheld against further bumps or collisions, where the boat/board and any equipment has been sailed above its limits, where the work has been modified or following transfer of ownership

  2. [for boats] Gelcoat finishing will be smooth, watertight and polished but, depending on the boat type and condition and the location of the repair, it may not be possible to achieve a perfect shape or finish to match the original. Slight waviness and tiny surface air bubbles may be evident. Where original gelcoat is thin or where previous repairs have been made, some 'show-through' of the under layers is likely – although every effort will be made to minimise this. Precise colour matching will be attempted yet cannot be guaranteed. [for boards] finishes will be aerosol paint (lacquered and non-slipped where necessary) with approximations of colour using standard colours or Pantone colour codes (logos and/or graphics cannot normally be reproduced)

  3. Any pulled-out fittings requiring fiberglass reconstruction or custom fittings/plates may sit marginally higher (or be slightly offset) than originally

  4. Repaired boats/boards and any equipment may weigh marginally more than originally

  5. Target completion dates are based on estimates and may be dependent on weather or other considerations

  6. The estimate takes into account, where applicable, the time required to remove the boat/board and any equipment from its berth/location, to re-locate sails, covers, bags and other parts, to remove and re-step boat masts and to turn boats over

  7. The estimate is based upon a basic assessment of the boat/board and any equipment in its current visible state and position. Further costs may be incurred where closer inspection and/or cutting into the boat/board reveals additional work to be necessary

  8. Except where larger amounts are required, consumables such as fibreglass matting, resin, compounding paste, polish, grinding discs, abrasive papers and disposables are provided within the hourly rate. Consumables such as gelcoat, carbon fibre, paint, adhesive, wood, metal, hardware (including custom-made components), fixtures & fittings and specialist materials are itemised on the estimate and invoice

  9. Payment terms are 7 days from the issue date of the invoice

  10. Insurance cover for the boat, board (vessel) and/or any parts and accessories (goods) is the responsibility of the owner, SWM accepts no responsibility whatsoever for loss or theft of the vessel and/or goods before, during or after the period of repair

Terms and conditions (trailers)

Simon Winkley Marine: conditions and limitations for small, unbraked dinghy trailer servicing (valid from 1 Jan 2024)

  1. All work is guaranteed for 12 months from the completion date on this document. The guarantee cannot be upheld after any of the following occurrences: a) collisions or heavy knocks to the trailer; b) where the trailer has been towed above its limits, overloaded, not correctly secured, driven without standard safety checks before each journey, neglected, driven/stored with incorrect tyre pressure; c) where the trailer or work to it has been subsequently modified; d) following transfer of ownership

  2. It may not be possible to check the launching trolley, trailer-to-trolley compatibility and connections

  3. We work with torsion axle trailers. We are unable to work with spring axle trailers

  4. Checks are not made to lighting board/bulbs/plug/socket/wiring, number plate or any securing straps/ropes

  5. Completion dates may be dependent on weather or other considerations

  6. The service fee of £112.50+VAT includes the removal/installation of any necessary parts (suspension units and axles may incur additional costs). The cost of all parts fitted is in addition to the service fee. Further charges may be incurred where additional work or services are required. The fee (reduced by 50%) remains payable in the event that (after the initial visual inspection) the trailer is deemed to be unworthy of servicing and/or beyond economical repair

  7. Any replacement tyres will be supplied factory-fitted onto a new wheel and inflated to a standard recommended pressure. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that the tyres are inflated to the correct pressure before each journey, relative to considerations including the weight being carried by the trailer. Leaving tyres: 1) deflated for periods of time (especially when bearing weight); and/or 2) stored for long periods of time on wet, muddy and/or rough ground will dramatically reduce their safe function and life expectancy

  8. Towing the trailer is done entirely at the risk of the owner and should only be undertaken when all safety checks and preparations have been made each time to the trailer as well as any connections to the towing vehicle

  9. It must be noted that government guidance states that you could be fined up to £2500, be banned from driving and get 3 penalty points for using a vehicle in a dangerous condition and this includes whilst towing. A trailer in a dangerous condition may have an unsound frame or have deficient wheels, tyres, bearings, breakaway cable or fittings deemed to be loose or unsafe for road usage. For more information visit:

  10. Payment terms are 7 days from the issue date of the invoice

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