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Wing School

Overseas Clinics

Winging is the latest, exciting discipline to arrive in the world of watersports and everyone who loves the water wants to try it. It uses a lightweight, inflatable wing with handles to catch the wind and can be done on either a big floaty board or a smaller foiling board.


The basics of wingfoiling are relatively easy to master, typically with a much faster learning curve than other watersports. It is safer than kitesurfing (as the wing can be de-powered easily or let go of at any time) and more accessible as winging is welcomed at a wide range of inland and coastal waters. The benefits of winging over windsurfing include having a greater wind range for each wing (so less kit is needed) and easier storage and transportation of the equipment as it packs away smaller (no long masts and much shorter boards). Despite the steep learning curve in the early stages, mastering foiling turns, tacks and gybes requires commitment and time - enabling participants to enjoy an active foiling lifestyle with longer-term goals.

WingSURFing refers to the use of the wing on either a high-volume windsurf board with a daggerboard or stand-up paddleboard (SUP) with a centre fin and/or side fins (drift-stoppers).


WingFOILing refers to the use of the wing on a specific wingfoil board with a hydrofoil attached to the underside. This allows the board to rise up out of the water as it moves forwards and foiling occurs. Foiling above the water feels exciting yet relaxing at the same time, delivering a very smooth ride. As the foil slices through the water, the usual noise and bumping of the board against the surface all but disappears and the sensation of gliding is second-to-none.

We have a wing school at Queen Mary Sailing Club (QMSC) in Surrey on a clean, deep 700 acre stretch of water raised high above the landscape. We are a RYA Training Centre for all levels of wingsurf and wingfoil. We have a unit right by the water with a large astroturf rigging area and we use the very latest boards, foils and wings from Starboard and Freewing.


Our regular lessons are 3 hours on a typical maximum ratio of 2 students to 1 instructor and we also run RYA courses on a 1:4 ratio.


Simon adopted winging in early 2021, qualified as a RYA Wingfoil Instructor on the very first course in Weymouth in May 2021 and has taught hundreds of sessions since. He delivers private lessons at QMSC and runs wingfoiling clinics in Prasonisi, Rhodes, Greece through Sportif Travel. The next Prasonisi wing clinic is 22-29 September 2024.


We a retailer of new Starboard wings, boards, bags and foils as well as pumps and leashes from other brands. Simon can advise on - and supply - the perfect package to suit your needs and help you to avoid the pitfalls that some newcomers to the sport are experiencing (such as going for a board which is too small to learn on). Every purchase will come with a free session to set the kit up perfectly, including treating foil connections with TefGel to avoid future corrosion. Head over to our online shop​ to see what’s available.


We are a retailer of Forward WIP impact jackets and helmets. This premium brand is available to try before you buy. Impact Vest, Wing Flow Neo impact jackets and Wipper helmets are stocked. Other models of Forward WIP can be ordered.



As the kit is refreshed regularly, used kit is often available for those that wish to progress towards owning their own kit. Head over to our online shop to see what’s available.

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