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Dinghy Repairs

We specialise in repairs to sailing dinghies and operate out of Queen Mary Sailing Club. Whilst we work with any class of dinghy, we have a solid working knowledge of the ILCA/Laser class as well as RS200, RS400 and RS Aero.


The dinghy work we offer includes:

  • Fibreglass/carbon/gelcoat repairs/refurbishments to dinghy hulls

  • Repair and refurbishment of daggerboards and rudder blades

  • Repair and refurbishment of spars: masts, booms, tillers and tiller extensions

  • Detailed repairs to carbon tillers and tiller extensions

  • Slot gasket replacement

  • Replacement of parts/fittings

  • Standing and running rigging, replacement of ropes/control lines, whipping, splicing

  • Supply of all dinghy parts, upgrade kits and covers

The hourly workshop rate is £55.00+VAT (correct at 1 January 2024). This includes most consumables. The cost of all parts fitted is in addition to the hourly rate. Quotes are based on the estimated number of hours to complete the work plus the cost of any hardware and parts. Full conditions and limitations can be viewed here.


Parts can be ordered for self-installation and collected from QMSC.

Viewing stock and buying online is coming soon. In the meantime please complete the form here to let us know exactly what you require and we will get it sorted for you.


Please send a message to arrange or enquire about dinghy services.

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