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Meet The Team

A little bit about who we are...

Simon Winkley

RYA Trainer, Coach & Technical

Simon literally has his name on the business! He offers 1 : 1 specialist windsurf and wingfoil coaching at QM as well as wind and wing clinics in Weymouth & overseas. He is the Centre Principal, photographer, marine repairer, first aid instructor, kit buyer/seller & the main point of contact for enquiries. A busy guy!

Simon is a RYA Windsurf, Wingfoil and Dinghy Schemes Trainer and a RYA Training Centre Inspector. He is a Team Rider for Starboard, Severne and Freewing.

Kris Lachor

RYA Wingfoil Instructor

Kris is a RYA Windfoil Instructor & Advanced Windsurf Instructor who is also a Director of Data Operations and Applied Research in a large media company.


Kris splits his time on the water between QM, the South Coast and Tarifa in Spain. He combines years of coaching experience with a friendly, calming and relaxed style and is ready to help you to get started in wingsurfing and wingfoiling.

Julia Church

RYA Wingfoil Instructor

Julia is based in Devon and we are very grateful when she tags on some teaching for us during her work trips to London. She is a high-level performance sports coach working with governing bodies and national teams.

Her passion is wingfoiling and she rides all over the South Coast and the West Country. A true ambassador to the sport, she is a RYA Wingfoiling Instructor who has successfully introduced many people to winging.


Richard Sawyer

RYA Wingfoil Instructor

Richard is a RYA Wingfoil Instructor who got into winging in early 2022 at Rye in Kent. He works locally for Keep Sailing as a manager and is very experienced in the setup and running of RYA Training Centres.


Winging has quickly become his preferred method of getting out on the water when he has time away from teaching sailing and powerboating. His enthusiasm as a coach will help you to start winging and to progress quickly to foiling.

Paul Outram

RYA Trainer & Wingfoil Instructor

Paul is one of the most active and experienced RYA Windsurf and Dinghy Trainers working today. He got into winging in 2020 before qualifying as a RYA Wingfoil Instructor alongside Simon on the very first course.. He works across the UK and in Vassiliki Greece.


Now also a Wingfoil Trainer he enjoys running wing instructor courses nationally, as well as helping as many people as possible to start their winging journey with us.

Hannah Golton

RYA First Aid Instructor

Hannah is one of our RYA First Aid Instructors and brings a wealth of experience as a dinghy sailor, instructor and Aspirant RYA Dinghy Schemes Trainer. She is the Chief Dinghy Instructor at Queen Mary Sailing Club.

A well-organised manager and experienced first aid practitioner, Hannah delivers courses in a way that helps candidates to feel comfortable, confident and focused when performing first aid.

Joe Dickinson

RYA Wingsurf Instructor

With 11 years of experience in windsurfing, windfoiling and - more recently - wingfoiling, Joe is a familiar sight flying around Queen Mary in all conditions. He is a RYA Start Windsurfing Instructor and RYA Wingsurf Instructor and is pursuing his Wingfoil Instructor qualification.

Joe's years of teaching both children and adults enables him to deliver a fantastic on-water experience for all.

JJ Duro -Alamo

RYA Wingsurf Instructor

JJ has a double-life as a finance professional with years of experience in big media-listed companies and more recently in the NHS. When the weekend comes around he is a RYA Wingsurf Instructor as well as a Intermediate Windsurf and Dinghy Instructor.

His favourite spots are QM (where he has been an active member since 2007), Mersea Island and anywhere abroad. Spanish by birth, JJ is keen to get you going from the moment he meets you!

Louis Boulert

RYA Wingsurf Instructor

Louis has a passion for teaching watersports and guitar. He took up the family business of windsurfing when he was 13 and is a RYA Wingsurfing and Senior Intermediate Windsurfing Instructor.

When he is not blasting around at QM or Vassiliki in Greece he will be either working towards a professional music degree or fixing up a project car. An amazing instructor with adults and young people, he will give you a solid start in winging!

Freddie Smith

RYA Trainer & Photographer

Freddie is a RYA Dinghy Schemes Trainer, a wingsurf instructor and a manager of marine activities and boat fleets. A very experienced sailor, he co-owns Keep Sailing, a local company that sets up and runs professional RYA Training operations across Surrey.

A skilled photographer, he understands of all the elements that come together to capture those unmissable moments afloat.

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