When Simon originally stumbled across watersports he had to learn sailing and windsurfing without any real guidance yet the confusion he experienced ultimately shaped him into a considerate coach who enjoys helping others to progress unimpeded. He has been a marine industry professional for over 20 years and has creatively worked with thousands of individuals in that time.

“As well as being an engaging windfoiling instructor I can see you are truly a great photographer - and a very fast one…it's amazing that you were able to capture my very first moments of flight! Thank you for yesterday's exceptional experience.”  M. Oppermann

Quickly gaining the trust of the learner, understanding their needs and maintaining a close and effective working relationship with them are some of key factors that guide Simon's thoughts and actions as a dedicated and hardworking coach. He will use his deep understanding of not only the core skills but also of the learning styles of the individual to improve performance whilst keeping the delivery humorous and enjoyable. He knows how to use the very smallest detail to create breakthrough moments in someone's skills progression.

Simon has a range of professional resources which facilitate the best learning experience. These include props, models, a range of visual/kinaesthetic tools, laptop, projector, screen, speaker, wireless presentation clicker and all the necessary leads and adaptors for connectivity to any type of pre-installed screen.

Video coaching can be provided from a HD camcorder as well as up-to-date GoPros with Flymount mounts to catch the action onboard. Simon always has a number of Flymounts for people to use and can supply new ones at a competitive price direct from the UK factory. He will usually take DSLR and iPhone stills too and provide an album of the action upon completion of the course/clinic. After all, it's always nice to get great action shots to keep.

Coaching is done either in set locations or on your home stretch of water. Essentially any suitable location anywhere in the world can be considered!

Windsurf Coaching

Professional coaching from beginners on a small lake to those learning to jump, waterstart and carve gybe in open sea/small wave conditions plus instructor training up to the level of RYA Intermediate Planing. Get in touch if you are ready to improve confidence, gain wisdom and raise the bar on your personal skills.

Dinghy Coaching

Professional coaching of all levels of dinghy, catamaran and keelboat sailing - aiming to take techniques and, through careful shaping, turn them into long-term skills. Manoeuvres, boat setup and speed, tacks, gybes, spinnaker work, trapezing, safety, capsize prevention/practice, introduction to racing…why not treat your sailing skills to a full makeover?

Powerboat Training

As an experienced and proficient powerboat driver (and as a holder of the RYA Powerboat Instructor and Advanced Powerboat awards) Simon is well-positioned to deliver RYA Powerboat Level 1, Level 2 and Safety Boat courses. In a world where powerboating accidents sometimes occur Simon's aim is to train people to drive safely and with solid technique in all conditions. As a RYA inspector of powerboat schools, he stays fully up to date with the latest developments in training as well as the best practice regarding safety matters.