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K4 Fins

K4 make excellent glass-infused nylon fins which are a fraction of the price of carbon, composite or G10 fibreglass fins. The design, quality and performance of the wave, freewave and freestyle fins is equal to or better than fins of other materials.


The fins that we stock are the ones that Simon uses and highly recommends:

  • 3SW freewave - either for single fins or as the centre fin in a 3-fin thruster setup

  • Stubby Fronts – for the forward 2 fins in a 3-fin thruster setup

  • Fang Freeride – excellent for blasting around and, whilst their performance is more than good enough for the majority of freeride windsurfers, they are not suitable for advanced slalom or speed usage

We can also supply any other fins from the K4 range.

We also stock K4 harness mounts.

View the K4 Fins website here

Viewing stock and buying it online is coming soon, with click-and-collect available soon from Queen Mary Sailing Club in Surrey. In the meantime please complete the form here to let us know exactly what you require and we will get it sorted for you.

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