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Windsurfing Accessories

We stock a range of windsurfing accessories - brands and specific items that we have used extensively and highly recommend.


Viewing stock and buying it online is coming soon, with click-and-collect available soon from Queen Mary Sailing Club in Surrey. In the meantime please complete the form here to let us know exactly what you require and we will get it sorted for you.

The windsurfing accessories and consumables we supply are listed here

Marlow Ropes

Marlow ropes produce the very best marine ropes on the market and that’s why we use them.


For windsurf rigs we sell:

  • Formuline 3.8mm (white) for all brands and types of hardware (except ratchet systems - please see Formula X below). Formuline is world renowned by windsurfers - the first and the best line specifically designed for use on windsurf downhauls, outhauls and boom clamps. Formuline is the perfect diameter, has high strength, is light weight and is incredibly durable. We sell it by the metre or in pre-cut lengths (2.0m downhaul, 1.0m outhaul and 0.5m boom clamp rope). We also sell a pack of all 3 to replace all your windsurf rig ropes in one go.

  • Formula X 3.8mm (white) for all ratchet downhaul systems such as the Duotone Power XT. The textured rope grips well in ratchet systems while maintaining the durability and strength of Formuline. This is supplied as a 2m length as standard on all Power XT Extensions so we sell this either in 2.0m lengths or in whatever length is required by the customer


For dinghies we have a range of specifications (Dyneema, polyester, hybrid) to cover all your rigging: halyards, control lines and mainsheet. Either fit the ropes yourself or book a replacement of all or part of your rigging on your boat at QMSC, paying the pro-rata hourly fee. Services include whipping, seizing and splicing.


Link to brochures

Marlow website

Chinook rig winches

Chinook rig winches make downhauling easy, allow you to focus on your sail as it takes shape and prevent spinal compression. They work with all standard (non-ratchet) mast extensions and you only need one for all your rigs. Simon’s winch is about 20 years old, still looks great and continues to keep his back fit and healthy.

Invest in this simple yet awesome gadget and save yourself the time, cost and pain of a trip to the chiropractor!

Wera stainless screwdrivers

Wera produce high-end, hard-wearing stainless steel screwdrivers which are strong, finely engineered and do not rust. This makes them perfect as a long term investment to keep in your kit box. It is especially important to use a top quality Torx screwdriver when constructing foils. A cheap, chrome-plated one can rust, causing damage to your precious stainless steel foil bolts and frustration in the process.


The Wera screwdriver we stock is:

  • Torx 30 (TX30 x 115mm long) – for most foil bolts

USS Tefgel

Foils are technical bits of kit that need a little TLC. Whilst they should be regularly disassembled and rinsed in fresh water this is not always practical. That’s where Tefgel comes in. It should be applied sparingly to every connecting surface in the foil assembly as well as to every stainless bolt and fitting. This helps to prevent seizing (the sight of someone drilling into their seized foil bolts is not a pleasant one!) We use USS Tefgel which is made in the USA and is the highest quality on the market.

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