Prasonisi Clinic September 2022 - Just back, amazing photos coming soon!

Watch the edit below to see some clinic action and to see how great this location is!

2023 dates coming soon - send a message to add yourself to the pre-booking list

Simon is a windsurf, windfoil, WINGfoil coach and a Team Rider for Starboard Windsurfing and Severne. As a RYA Windsurf and Dinghy Trainer he is one of only a handful of people in the world qualified to deliver every (non-foiling) RYA Windsurfing and Dinghy instructor course - including Advanced Windsurf Instructor. He specialises in the coaching of intermediate and advanced windsurfing, currently runs windsurfing clinics in Costa Teguise (Lanzarote), Alaçati (Turkey), Prasonisi (Rhodes, Greece) and Portland Harbour (Weymouth, UK) and writes coaching articles for Windsurfing UK magazine. He also delivers marine first aid training and offers consultancy services for the setting up of watersports training programmes in clubs and centres. Simon has a passion for being out on the water and for helping others to make the most of their time afloat.

2022 future courses - subject to regular updates - are listed below. 1:1 and 1:2 windsurf, windfoil and WINGfoil lessons can be booked at QMSC all year on demand.

Windsurf Coaching: UK

  • 28 Sept: Member windsurf clinic - QMSC
  • 28 Sept: Member windsurf evening talk - QMSC
  • 1-2 Oct: Windsurf clinic - OTC [FULLY BOOKED]
  • 3-4 Oct: Windsurf clinic - OTC [3 PLACES LEFT]
  • 26-27 Nov: Windsurf clinic - OTC [FULLY BOOKED]
  • 28-29 Nov: Windsurf clinic - OTC [4 PLACES LEFT]

Windsurfing Coaching: Overseas

  • 2023 dates coming soon

RYA Windsurfing/Wingfoil Instructor Courses

  • 11-14 Oct: RYA Intermediate Windsurfing Instructor - QMSC
  • 18-21 Oct: RYA Intermediate Windsurfing Instructor - UKSA
  • 5-9 Dec: RYA Advanced Windsurfing Instructor - OTC

RYA Dinghy Instructor Courses

  • 8,9,15,16 Oct: RYA Dinghy Senior Instructor - QMSC
  • 10-11 Dec: RYA Keelboat Instructor - QMSC

RYA First Aid 1-day Courses

  • new dates coming soon


Simon has published 18 articles for Windsurfing UK magazine. The articles are aimed to provide specific guidance on the fundamentals of windsurfing and and written in a varied and entertaining way featuring great photography from the likes of Alex Irwin (Sportography), Andy Stallman, Protography, Mikael Linder (Into Fire and Water), Two Goat Media and Simon himself. A number of articles feature original artwork from Pete Galvin.

Click here to see the articles as FREE PDFs. The subjects covered are:

  1. A Basic Look at How Windsurfing Works
  2. Planing Made Simple
  3. Non-planing Steering
  4. Planing Steering
  5. These Girls Can! Emerging Female Role Models in Windsurfing
  6. The Basics of Coastal Windsurfing Part 1
  7. The Basics of Coastal Windsurfing Part 2
  8. Windsurfing Equipment & Essentials: Taking the Right Stuff
  9. Kit Setup and Tuning Fundamentals Part 1: Rigging, Downhaul, Outhaul, Boom Height, Mastfoot Position
  10. Kit Setup and Tuning Fundamentals Part 2: Footstraps
  11. Mixing It Up: The Cookie Interview
  12. Kit Setup and Tuning Fundamentals Part 3: Fins
  13. Kit Setup and Tuning Fundamentals Part 4: Harnesses and Harness Lines
  14. Windsurfing Photography Part 1: The Selfie
  15. Costa Teguise Lanzarote: The Perfect Playground
  16. Windsurfing Photography Part 2: DSLR Basics
  17. Windsurfing Photography Part 3: Editing
  18. Masts - Everything You Need to Know